Decide to feel you have lots of opportunities form today on forward.

Decide to feel you have lots of opportunities form today on forward.

“ Success starts with a desire, an idea” and “ The only limitation is that which one sets up in one’s mind” (Napoleon Hill)

So feeling successful fully depends on ourself. Decide what it is you want.

Everything you observe around you that was made by men, once started with an idea.

Often, when people have a good idea and feel they have an opportunity, the “yes-but”s “ will appear. As soon as we go there, our subconscience connects the positive energy with the negative concepts we carry with us. The positive, hopeful feeling, will be pushed away by those negative convictions. This while we are, as humans, fully capapble to go where we want and decide to create what we want.

Example of someone who wants her own Jewelry Shop

Janet (not her real name) wanted to start up an internet shop in order to sell her home-made jewelry. She was very eager to do this and make it into a daily, money-earning job Then the doubts started in: “what will it cost, can I succeed, what if customers don’t pay up?”

These doubts are caused by something which is engrained in her. In the past she was told she could not learn anything, that she only would be able to do easy manual labor. Her father had his own firm . He often stated that it was “ struggling hard for just a little” and said “ the rich have earned their money over the backs of others”.

I’m not good enough

These statements had nestled themselves in Janet’s subconscience and sometimes emerge in the shape of a little voice, stating:” I’m not good enough, and earning money as a self employed person is not a good thing” . Janet has learned, in her first steps with our successprogram how much influence our subconscience has and how she can recognize the negative thoughts and decide to change them into positive thoughts.

Decide what you want and feel good about it

Daily ritual

In the next steps, Janet learned to create a daily ritual in which she told herself that she is worth it, is abundantly creative and can earn money by making and selling jewelry. She also started to make a vision-board, in order to visualize and experience her dream.

The moment she really could feel it happen, success started. Because her good feeling about it all changed her inner convictions and she started to create situations to help realize her dream.

Seven tips to build a opportunity-focused mindset

Decide and use the 7 steps

Decide what you want

Think about situations in which you were successful and then hang on to the feeling that comes with those thought for a while.

Ask others what they consider your positives and write them down.

Recognize negative concepts that emerge with having a good idea and don’t spent time and energy on those thoughts.

Remind yourself: “I’m good at…..” untill you start genuinly feeling it.

Read success stories of others

Envision the endgoal you are working towards

Start de flow and decide what you want