The law of attraction always works, wether you know it or not

The law of attraction always works

The law of attraction always works. It makes no difference wetheer you know it or not. It’s one of the basis laws of the universe. Just like the law of gravity


The energy you emit is what you receive back from the world around you. No matter if you do this consciously or unconsciously, that makes no difference for the law of attraction. The mechanism of action-reaction always works. The moment we become conscious about this process of energy, we can start using it more specifically for what we want to get back from the world around us.

Speakers in the movie the secret and the law of attraction

The secret and the law of attraction

In the movie “Secret” and the book of Rhonda Byrne (The Secret, 2006, Simon & Schuster) that accompanies it, you get information about how it works, from  different businessmen, a quantum physicist, a chiropractor, trainers and authors. They talk about “ the Secret” that actually is not a secret, because it is part of our human nature, although we are a creative creature who often is totally unconscious about it.

Million people worldwide have read this book and seen the movie. In the movie we observe people who visualize what they want to have or become, in order to get a positive feeling about it, a positive energy. Envision it, feel how good that makes you feel, feel how it is to be that what you want to become or to get what you want to get and then let it go. The universe then will start working to manifest your wishes. This, no doubt, works, but visualizing by itself is not enough. First a practical example.

visualiseer de architect met de wet van aantrekking

Envision yourself already working in the spot you want to work.

Example: a young architect wants to change her workplace, wants to progress to a job with more creativity and freedom. Firm X is an architect firm that embraces an ecological vision and thinks outside of the box. That is where she likes to work. This firm expresses who she is by now and how she considers the work of an architect to really be. She starts visualizing how it would feel to work at this firm.

She envisions herself walking into the building, being greeted by the receptionist and entering her office room, which is totally decorated the way she likes it. Her colleagues are pleased to see her and she participates in a brainstorm session about an exciting new project.

wet van aantrekking en werkSensing the energy

She feels, smells and envisions it all as if it is real. How great would it be to work in a building that doesn’t resemble an office; to work in a space which is not made with system-part ceilings, standardized workplaces and tube light above your head. Now pretend you’re are the firm’s owner, and she is coming to you for an introductory visit.

You will feel her energy, when she states that she subscribes to your vision. You feel that energy at that moment yourself too. More so than with a job-seeker who states she really likes to work as an architect, has prepared herself very well and knows your vision and mission, but doesn’t emit that kind of energy. The energy emitted needs to be congruent with the expectations and with whatever else is presented, verbally as well as non-verbally.

If you yourself don’t believe, the other will not believe you.

A “not” in your head, the feeling that goes with that “not” and there for your level of energy, is what you emit. An example, contrary to that of the architect, is the job-seeker who has been denied a job more than once and doesn’t believe in herself anymore. You, as employer, will experience doubt immediately when deciding if you should hire this person or not. It is because of what this person, unconsciously, emits. This information is there all the time and can be picked up upon by others

After creatively visualizing you need to do this too.

Bob Proctor, as well as Joe Vitale and Jack Canfield, all speakers in the movie “the Secret”, collaborate in their own program-section, that the action phase after the phase of creative visualization, is very important. They say, that is when the “law of attraction”, as they call it, works the strongest. In our workshops we state that when you have positive energy, you have to let it flow. This only can happen when you start acting. I have experienced myself that it is better to start small and experience how what you think and feel, influences your reality instantly.

Example of the parking spot.

I was to give a presentation, was running late and had people waiting for me. That day was not only market day but also the moment school was getting out and parents came by car to pick up their children and the parking lot was overflown. I started to panic, recognized this feeling and exchanged this feeling by a positive one, by repeatedly saying to myself:” there will be a parking spot nearby for me”. And if everybody had overlooked this, I found a parking spot nearby the building, while other cars still were waiting in line for a spot. I was surprised and impressed: wow, the law of attraction really works!

Story from our training: the job

This is a story I often relate in my training sessions. I wanted to work with a specific organization, had had three meetings there (including a roll play and a full day with psychological tests) when the psychologist stated to me:” you are not the right candidate”. I was angry and disappointed: I had invested so much time. That evening I reconsidered the entire situation, decided to create a positive energy instead of the feeling of frustration, by visualizing that I already was employed at that organization.

I chose to consciously use the law of attraction instead of the unconscious state I was in earlier. Next day I called the head of the Department, asked for another meeting, was granted one in between two meetings he had scheduled and was hired that same day. Action, in this example, was crucial, because with only visualizing working there already I was not going to get far. Choosing for action is necessary to set things in motion.

The law of attraction and money

What about money?

Money is one of the things people like most to visualize. Not a good thing, because money in itself is “empty”. It is better to visualize what you want to do with that money and the success you will have with that money. Our course “Jaikwerk” has created images for this subject. Once we wanted to follow a course called “ co-active coaching” but we could not afford the costs. I did no visualize the three thousand Euro course-fees, but I did visualize how I already was participating in the course and how I would use the knowledge I gained in real life.

The timing was p e r f e c t

Just in time our company received our first contract and both I and my partner were able to enter the course. This course ended up to be the basis for how we approach our work of getting customers closer to success and it brought us the success we envisioned for ourselves. Of course this is not everything. There is more in play than only the law of attraction, but the latter is so influential that it is important to learn about it. In our second part I will tell you more about this law so you can get successful in getting what you want, faster.

use the law of attraction to make your dream come true


Visualizing big or small, it is all the same

It does not matter: a new book or a new job, the law of attraction works the same. Be aware that how you feel has direct influence on what you will experience today, through the law of attraction. That energy is immediate, without delays, and can be received by anyone who is conscious about its existence. This will happen with the energy you emit about things you don’t want as well as with that of things you desire. Be conscious about this fact. You can apply it as follows:

First positive thoughts

Followed by positive feelings

Then start visualizing

Take action with this feeling as the basis of the action

This action will lead to the results we wish for.


all the best
Rob Houdijk owner Start de Flow