Use the Vacation feeling for your success as a lasting positive energy

Vacation feeling.Photo by Rob Houdijk
Photo by Rob Houdijk

Use the Vacation feeling for your success because the vibes are good. Good vibes bring good circumstances

During our vacations we feel great and we like to hold on to that feeling once we return home. However, as soon as we are back home, that Vacation feeling disappears due to our daily businesses. That’s too bad.

Feeling= Pattern.  Friday feeling? Monday feeling?

A Monday feels differently than a Friday. Even when both are working days. Or an author writes a marvelous story on Sunday, sitting in her backyard and three days later she finds herself at the beach, just because she feels like this is her weekend. Or a sales-rep starts spiraling down into a bad mood on Sunday afternoon because he knows he has to start work the next day. Work he does no longer like. How we feel on any given day comes from within and mostly is due to a pattern, which has ingrained itself in us, over a long period of time. This is a pattern of doing activities, on specfic days, week in, week out. These fixed activities create certain feelings.

Your Vacation feeling should last longer
Photo by Tineke Larsen

The Vacation feeling

During our vacations we lose a big part of that fixed pattern, since we have less fixed activities on specific, fixed, moments. Therefore, each day starts feeling differently; the days look more alike and we experiencing time flying. You set the daily rhythm yourself and it is easy to change your plans at the spur of the moment, whenever you feel like it.

The feeling of change

Vacations are stimulating, especially when you are in a different environment. Your focus is on new things that might inspire you to look at the world around you in a different light. It can happen that from this new perspective you decide to change things once you are back home.

The pattern

Once home, we might be able to hang on to that vacation feeling for maybe two days, before we fall back into the pattern we had before. With longing we look back on that optimistic feeling which looked so strong while we were away from our daily routine.

keep the good vibes of the Vacation Feeling and use them

The lasting energy of the Vacation feeling

We say that the reason the vacation feeling disappears is the reality of having to earn money.

But vacationing and its feeling is also part of our reality. You make your own reality, in your unique way. The Sunday, for the author, is a creative reality and for the sales-rep it is a restless reality. Both wish for the vacation energy to last more than two days because that energy strengthens the positive feeling they long for.

You can choose another reality

During your next vacation, be aware of that existing, valuable and positive, feeling.
Name that feeling right away, using the terms as seen above.

The moment you give feelings a name, you have a blueprint for your new daily activities you are going to develop once you are back home. Also, while still on vacation, start thinking about activities, which also will give you the same feeling and don’t let yourself be stopped by the inner resistance, which belongs to the pattern of the “no-vacation” reality. While on vacation, make a picture of that what gives you the positive feeling. And decide what steps you can take towards the change, the moment you return back home.

Put your feelings into actions

Once home, put those steps into a plan and start right away to implement this plan. At waking up each morning, look at the picture and repeat this at bedtime. Visualize the desired situation and feel how good that makes you feel. By doing so, you already have broken the former pattern and even while it seems nothing has changed yet, you already have acquired a life-changing energy, which is changing you from within.

Have fun